FAQ – Updated September 7, 2015

What difference will I feel when firing the RTK Short Stroke, RTK Sweet Pea, or any of the other adjustable triggers?

First, comfort – no more ‘trigger bite’! In general, our triggers have a ‘flatter’ profile, feel a bit wider, no hook at the end, no ridges, etc.

Second, difference in pull:

Divide your trigger pull into three parts:
1. Take-up:          Easy pull, no resistance
2. Trigger pull:    Pulling against hammer spring
3. Over-travel:     Free-play after pistol fires
The RTK Short Stroke and the other adjustable triggers eliminate most of #1 & #3. 

Do I need to buy the Stainless Steel Pin for the Ruger LC9?  Short answer – no.  If you are buying the RTK Short Stroke for the Keltec PF-9 the pin is necessary and already comes with it.  You do not ‘need’ the pin for the Short Stroke for the Ruger LC9 – it is bling.

 Do you sell triggers for any other models?  Yes, in addition to the RTK Short Stroke for the Ruger LC9 we also have triggers for the Ruger LCP (RTK Sweet Pea I or III depending on your serial number), the Kel-Tec PF-9, PF-11 (RTK Short Stroke) P-32, P-3AT (RTK Sweet Spot) the Taurus TCP738 (RTK Sweet Spot), the Sig Sauer P938 and P238 (RTK Classic), the Sig Sauer P290 and P290RS (RTK Profile), the Kimber Solo (RTK Contour) and the SCCY CPX-1 & CPX-2 (RTK Storm.)  The RTK Edge for the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard and the RTK Solution for the Ruger LC9 & LC380 are sold as part of a kit which includes a trigger bar and springs from Galloway Precision  - please purchase these kits directly from them.

Are other triggers in the works for any other models?  Yes, we have several in various stages of design and several on the ‘want’ list.  We’ve been saving email requests for triggers for models such as the Ruger SR40, SR40C, SR9 and SR9C.  We’ve had a lot of requests for the SR-22, but due to the fact that it has about 99,000 pieces inside it, a new trigger is not on the horizon at this time.  Feel free to email us with suggestions.

Do you ever do triggers in any colors other than what is on the website?  Yes, email us if you have a special request.  Sometimes we have one-offs from experimental batches and it might be what you are looking for. Just fyi - no gold, no orange.

Is there a shipping and handling cost?  No - everything is included in the price you see.

Do you ship out of the United States?  No - U.S. federal regulations prohibit this.

What is your return policy?  Very simple: return the trigger (no damage, no modifications please) within 30 days of purchase and we return your money.  However, we do ask that you email us with any questions or problems before you get to the point of wanting to return it.



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